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Club presentation
Avilés - Presentación del Club de Empresas
Avilés Business Club was born from a reality: the need of a private initiative to support the growing strength of the tourist sector in the economy of Avilés in the 21st century.

The Club is a business association of companies related to non-profit-making business tourism. It was founded in September 2011 by a group of companies with experience in this sector in the region of Avilés, moved by the need to have a specific organization to face the difficult challenges in the tourist market in a flexible, dynamic and business way.

Nowadays, and due to its multi-sector nature, it has 50 companies from this sector (hotels, transport, design, etc.) and all of different sizes.

The Club is a factor of activities and knowledge on all the aspects related to this kind of tourism as a key asset for the competitiveness of the city and the region in general, and the companies involved in particular, generating ideas and activities for the most relevant questions derived from this economic factor.

Our objective is to become a reference speaker in our action field with the different public administrations, with the public and private institutions and with the media. The Club is a qualified speaker of the companies involved; it deals with their interests, problems and needs in a flexible and transparent way.

Francisco Manuel Fernández Cuervo-Arango, Presidente
The Club will draw up reports on the different interesting aspects to promote business tourism which will be sent to the competent authorities and will be put at the disposal of our partners.

The Club is open to all companies from Avilés and the region, be they small, medium or large companies.

We hope we can have as many members as possible because we are convinced that we will provide a source of wealth and development to generate an important added value to our Region.

Francisco Manuel Fernández Cuervo-Arango
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