Casco histórico de la Villa de Avilés Pabellón de Exposiciones "La Magdalena" Centro Cultural Internacional "Oscar Niemeyer"

Avilés on the move
Avilés organizes a lot of activities and interesting events for the visitors. Some of them are very famous, as they attract thousands of people. Here  are some examples:
  • Easter festivities, such as "El Bollo"
  • Lunch on the street (more than 15,000 people eat in the street at tables set up all around the historic city centre)
  • Theatre releases at a national and international level at the Palacio Valdés Theatre
  • Carnival or Antroxu
  • The Interceltic Festival of Asturias
  • ...

In the following link you can see all the activities our region has to offer to help you when planning your visit. Enjoy it!

Comarca Avilés - Activity Guide, festivals and events

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